Rev Magnetic

On 10th May 2019, we released the debut album from Scottish quartet Rev Magnetic, who meld elements of R&B, shoegaze and post rock into their singular, blisfully spacial dream pop. Called 'Versus Universe', the album reflects a cosmos of transformative sound references ranging from My Bloody Valentine to Teebs, Lemmy-era Hawkwind to
ABBA and Vaughan Williams to Stravinsky into its 11 otherworldly tracks.

Revolving around the core of long-time Mogwai collaborator, musician and author Luke Sutherland, 'Versus Universe' tells of the memories of a now middle-aged woman whose parents - both ex-pat astronauts who disappeared mid-mission in the early days of the Congolese Space Program - had more time for one another and their careers than they did for their daughter. A tremendously sensitive and empathetic child, she responded to the lack of love
in her life by turning to prescription drugs, music and nature.

Of the stimulants she used to keep going, music was always the most vital. With her parents drifting among the stars, the daughter would sit for hours, day and night, underneath the tamarind tree in the vast gardens of the family home, blasted on Valium, listening to the BBC World Service on a portable radio: ABBA, Hawkwind, Kate Bush, Louis Armstrong, Jimi Hendrix, The Ronettes, Marvin Gaye, Stravinsky, Wings, Supertramp, The Carpenters, Blondie, Chic, Donna Summer, The Jackson 5, Nick Drake, Gary Numan, Roberta Flack, Duke Ellington, Stevie Wonder, The Specials, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Vaughan Williams, Delius, David Munrow, The Jackson Sisters, Brian Eno, Can, Steely Dan... So much transformative music that after a while, when people asked the daughter where she was really from - as they did on an almost daily basis - her true answer referred to a sonic realm as much as a physical one.

Over time, that realm has grown from a shelter to a nation expanded by every song she's ever listened to and liked, one shared with and populated by anyone with whom she's had a positive experience, musical or otherwise; a place in which all possibilities from the most congruent and logical to the most idiosyncratic, contradictory and downright magickal are manifest; a place in which an anomaly, such as the daughter of astronauts has always felt herself to be, might exist
without question. 'Versus Universe' is an attempt to recreate that nation of teeming sound and memory.

While touring the world as guest multi-instrumentalist with Mogwai, Luke (Long Fin Killie, Bows, Music A.M. Jomi Massage) used the downtime to sketch a bunch of songs. Once he got home, he wrote a handful more and recorded them with the help of a few friends at his cottage on the edge of the Scottish Highlands. Keen to translate the radiant chaos of the recordings into a live setting, Rev Magnetic was born. Featuring Audrey Bizouerne ((Gift Horse) bass, vocals, guitar, keyboards) who Luke met in Paris while he was playing with Jomi Massage, Sam Leighton (drums) and Gregor Emond (guitar), who played with Luke in Hynd way back before the birth of the internet, the album is released under license from the band's own Imminent Joy Records.